How do you unclog a spray tan gun?

Spray tan guns and tanning equipment build up dust, residue, and other particulates over time. Over a prolonged period, the accumulated waste may cause equipment failure which might stall daily operations of the business. Having a good regular cleaning routine ensures equipment efficiency as well as their longevity of service. A clean, professional look is imperative for a salon on a first-impression-on-customers basis. Maintaining a proper cleaning routine is simple and may span over a daily, weekly and yearly cleaning service.

Daily Cleaning

It is highly advisable to clean the naked spray tan gun on an everyday basis to get the best results. There are simple steps to follow in cleaning ;

After disconnecting the spray gun from the air hose, unscrew the cup and put any remaining solution into a clean storage container.

Was and rinse the cup under running warm water until clean.

After turning the gun upside down, allow warm water to flow through the plastic tubing and let water to come out through the nozzle until clear.

Cleaning Kit

Pour a small amount of Airbrush cleaner into the cup, connect the gun to the hose and switch on the spray unit. Direct the trajectory to a safe area and spray until the spray is clear and the cup is empty.

After switching off the spray unit, unscrew the cup and disengage the spray gun. Afterward, dismantle it.

Clean the Air Cup Ring’s threads with warm running water, wipe and then dry. It is recommended to apply a small amount of spray lube to the threads.

Wash the Air cap with warm water, wipe, apply Airbrush Cleaner and dry with a tissue or dry cloth.

After removing the plastic air plate, clean it with water and wipe clean.

Re-install the air plate, air cap, and air cap ring in the correct order.

When the gun is clean and dry, the pins appear white.

To clean the outer part of the gun use a damp cloth and leave overnight in a dry towel. It should be ready for use the next day.

Weekly Cleaning

Removing the solution needle

Unscrew the Solution Flow screw and set aside.

Pull the trigger back all the way and grab the needle to pull out from the back of the spray gun.

Rinse the needle in water, dip into Airbrush Cleaner and wipe clean.

Add lubricant to the needle by applying a little amount to the needle shaft and the spring.

Reinstall the needle back and screw back the Solution Flow screw.

Cleaning Spray Tan Gun

Removing the Solution Nozzle

Place an adjustable spanner on the nozzle and twist anticlockwise. The solution nozzle gasket lies around the solution nozzle. The gasket should be re-installed correctly to prevent leakage.

Rinse using warm water. Use cotton dipped in gun cleaner to clean wipe the inner threads.

Annual Cleaning

A yearly servicing ensures efficiency and top working condition for the spray gun. Usually, this involves replacing the seals. They retail at around $25.

A gun that cannot be wholly dismantled blocks with adhesive DHA and as such it is highly advisable to check in with suppliers before purchasing any tan equipment.