The Most Common Walking and Running Injuries

Going for a jog or walking is a more pleasure way to exercise, especially if you happen to live in an area that is close to a runway, despite walking having a good reputation of being the perfect exercise that requires low impact, it can also make you suffer from several injuries if you fail to be careful when walking or running, here are some of the most common walking and running injuries;

Plantar fasciitis

This injury basically occurs due to overusing the bottom of your feet, which absorb several numbers of impacts when jogging hence resulting to jogging injuries, this happens when the ligaments of the sole begin to swell after experiencing a repeated stress in that area.


If you do not support your foot correctly and fail to provide enough rest for your foot, it will tear and cause problems and some pain hence you will find it very difficult to walk. You can ease this pain by applying ice to your injury, you can also seek a professional to help you in reducing plantar fasciitis impacts.

IT band syndrome

It is basically known as iliotibial band syndrome; this is just another injury that comes as a result of overuse, as you run, you will tend to hit the group repeatedly, hence making that stress on your foot to have a negative impact on the tissue , this, therefore, makes the tissues that are around the connective of the knee to swell.

To minimize this damage caused by running, you can get a brace to support young knee, and to help improve the whole process of knee healing, you can give your tissue a deep tissue massage. If your knee has slight swelling, you can use over the counter drugs like ibuprofen. If your swelling is very serious, you should get an injection for anti-inflammatory.

Shin splints

This is basically a symptom that one experiences due to several problems, the dull pain your shin can cause it to ache when exercising or become chronic. When you change the surface that you normally run or walk on, it can result to the shin, doing an intensive workout can also lead to this, overusing your leg muscles and overpronation also leads to this type of injury.


Tendons tend to be irritated and also swollen as a result of overuse, this can happen even when you are on the best shoes and braces, this swelling can, therefore, give you discomforts hence preventing you from further running or walking, to get rid of this swelling that causes you a lot of pain.


You should stretch a lot, go for a physical therapy and you can also take anti-inflammatory medication to help with the inflammation. This will, therefore, give you ease hence you will be able to go back to running and walking.


This comes as a result of friction that is brought by those shoes that are not fitting and those sweaty socks that you like to put on, however small those blisters are, they can really ruin your running or walking, it is important that you avoid blisters at all cost, this is because it opens a gate for bacterial infection.

Injuries can sometimes annoy, they can make you postpone your walking or running, it is important that you get to know the preventive measures for these injuries so that you can get to enjoy a walk without injuries.