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Handmade Cakes Taste Like Perfection


Creating your delicious work of art is an exciting process involving fresh local ingredients, Buttercream, Mousses, Preserves, and even homemade Marshmallow Fondant. Your Wedding Cake and Groom’s Cake will blend in seamlessly with your style. Asheville and Western North Carolina is a perfect background for us to really make your Wedding Cake your DREAM cake. Our Sculpted Cakes and Cupcakes are inspired by your theme and created from scratch. Let us design an unforgettable and edible centerpiece for your Special Event. We offer FREE Smash Cakes for 1st Birthday Cakes as well! We also offer some delicious Vegan Cake options! Fabulous Asheville Vegan Wedding Cakes are inspired and created here to fit your requests. Wedding Cake inquiries receive a complimentary consultation. The brides consultation will generally take an hour and include a sketch and full spread of our ‘from scratch’ cakes. Designer Cupcakes, Dessert Buffets, fresh baked Artisan Pies, Cookies, and Decadent Cheesecakes are all just a few more items we provide to the greater Asheville area.

The Sweetest Choice of Goodies That We Do

At Tiffany’s, we have been into baking for years. We managed to reach perfection when it comes to our goodies.

If you just love marshmallow fondant, mousses and cheesecakes, we can offer some of the best cake designs you have ever laid your eyes on and we absolutely guarantee it.

Out of many products we offer, we are particularly proud of dessert buffets as we think it is the most delicious work of art that came out of our bakery.

A birthday is always a good occasion to surprise your loved ones in the best way possible and out specially sculpted cakes will surely be a total hit without doubts.

Groom’s cake design is as important as the wedding cake and we can make it your dream cake if there is a need to do so. Leave it to us.

If you are planning an anniversary, it is the right opportunity to do something out of ordinary. A nice cupcake party would improve the mood of your attendees for sure.

One of our biggest passions is cake designing. You need a wedding cake?! Our delicious work is on the way and you will be surprised by what we can do.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of three special members, the first being out pastry chef who introduced the idea of a special cake design to suit the specific needs of customers.

The second member is a specialized cake designer and the innovations he brought to the table provided us with numerous customers where we specialize our wedding and groom cake design.

Last but not least, our professional cake vendor will make sure that every customer gets the best experience possible from a simple thing like buying a cake for special occasions.

Quality guarantee

When it comes to special events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other parties, we are your best choice absolutely. Our team of professionals are capable of creating the most unbelievable and fabulous cake designs that will leave you and your guests in awe. With us, the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Our Skills

We’re particularly proud of our creative cake design. We know how to give people what they really need and want.

When you visit us, you do that because you want something special. All our delicious goodies are handmade with love.

Our cooking workshop is a place where the true magic happens. Let us reflect your wishes with a flawless design.

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